I’m back!

Dragul meu cineva,

        Am revenit? Iti poti imagina ca am revenit sa fac ce imi place cel mai mult si ma simt atat de bine. Mi-a fost dor de caii mei dragi, mi-a fost dor de emotia, frica, pasiunea renasterea si iubirea pe care o simteam. Nu pot sa descriu in cuvinte ce simt cand calaresc. Parca tot din jurul meu dispare, oamenii, plantele, chiar si cei care sunt blocati in inima mea. Sunt doar eu, calul si soarele care-mi atinge parul blondut.. Cand exersez exercitiile de voltija sau cand calul porneste la galop inima imi bate atat de tare, respiratia imi este greoaie si  simt ca parca zbor. Acel moment il compar cu o minune, e un moment unic si merita trait cu desavarsire si sunt sigura ca prietenii mei caii reprezinta instinct, putere si eleganta,ei ne inspira in vis.

My dear friends, for most people, the horse stable is a scary place, a hostile place, a place where strange things happen. Most people would prefer church, or school, or home, but I grew up here. The horse stable was my church, my school, my home;the  horse stable was my safe place, my sanctuary and  I love it here.







Ps!!: Horses are better than men and I will give you 10 reasons why horses are better than men!!…

1.A horse is a faithfull companion

2.A horse is a pack animal. A man is a sex-pack animal

3.There is nothing like the feeling of a good ride, whether it is meandering through the woods exploring new territory, or finding the perfect distance – when the two of you are in synch it is the definition of harmony.

4.Horses are matter of fact and don’t lie

5.Horses are a reflection of you, for good or bad, and have so many lessons to teach besides riding.

6.Horses won’t ignore you and go off and play football.

7.No one has ever waited by the phone sobbing, waiting for a horse to call them. However, when you call the horse from the field, even if he doesn’t come, he will probably look glad to see you.

8.Horses do not have belching competitions with other horses.

9.Horses will not ditch you for a tall, buxom blonde, because they know that you have carrots and that makes you the better person.

10.Horses are quiet and understand your need for quiet.


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